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The Cheltenham Mobile Crèche Service is a social enterprise business, committed to improving the community by allowing opportunities for training, parent support and employment.

We have been offering safe, age appropriate, stimulating activities for children aged between 0 months and 11 years old for over 9 years, allowing their parents to participate in training, courses, meetings, events and functions.

We operate right across Gloucester and Worcester, but if you need us a little further afield then do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements and work out a personalised program for you.

We can provide you with the following services:

Childcare at Events - Weddings, Conferences, Training Days

Our qualified staff will bring all the equipment necessary to provide the service (including all necessary safety equipment) to care for children and keep them amused with a wide range of educational and fun activities.

Hotel Babysitting

We can provide a child-sitting service where we will look after your child(ren) in your hotel room whilst you go out to enjoy your evenings. A perfect solution for holidays, family parties and romantic evenings. We provide all settling activities and will remain constantly with the children until your return.

Play ‘Zone’
We can provide a play ‘zone’ in an area of a marquee or exhibition hall where parents can ‘drop off’ their children to play, whilst they enjoy the event. This will be less structured than a traditional crèche session, and not be restricted to a set length of session. There will however, be a wide variety of fun and educational activities.

Traditional Childcare Session 
A variety of structured activities and free play will be provided to meet the age and developmental stage of the children expected to attend, including art and crafts, puzzles, role play, physical play, songs, and stories.  

Every crèche has an activity plan structured to meet the developmental goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage, just like nurseries and playgroups do

Lost Child Post
We will man the lost child post and keep the children amused and looked after till their parents or carers are found.  

We provide milk and water to drink, savoury crackers and a selection of fresh fruit. Sometimes we offer new foods to try, when the theme of the crèche suggests, such as having Naan bread at Diwali. If any parent wishes their child to have something different, we request that they provide an alternative healthy snack – please no crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks or chocolate.

We also provide a free nappy changing service and welcome breastfeeding parents.

The Cheltenham Mobile Crèche Service will bring all equipment necessary to provide the service (including safety equipment). However any venue must be light, clean and comfortable, with good ventilation and sufficient heating, convenient toilets and access to hand-washing facilities, as well as access to a fire escape and fire extinguishers.

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